Thursday, March 28, 2013

b roll of my malibu week-end

yes, i know it's already thursday and thank ya jeezus that means tomorrow is aloha friday!!
yes, i know i am showing you pics of my week-end. last week-end.
girl gets busy! on to the good stuff.

it was bliss.
the beach, the sun, the sand, the soccer games, the friends, the dolphin show.
my favs all rolled up into one delicious week-end.

this one here, in the pic below, had a soccer tournament on the beach in malibu both saturday and sunday.

 sand beats grass any day, in case ya ever start to wonder

truly the day started with a starbucks and a drive through the canyon.
don't be lookin at my chipped mani, ain't nobody got time for that!
 ah little girl. why ya gotta be so cute?!
the man needs his naps
 best set of beach babes for miles and miles of sand
jump and holla if ya love the wata'
the sun loved us back
my biggest little. dippin dots don't play around- not even at 9am.
best car in the sandy lot
sometimes all ya need is a good friend and a long walk
 after I kicked and screamed (and almost got grounded for not getting in the car to come home) we  spent the rest of the afternoon teaching the bunny to balance a cracker on his head.
he wants to be a model when he grows up to be a big rabbit.

don't forget what tomorrow is. 
as if i could shove it down your throat any more than i do right?!
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