Tuesday, March 19, 2013

it went something like this...

huh? where did that week-end go? i mean, there is a thief on the loose and he's pissing me off coz he stole my week-end.
yes, i realize it's tuesday and i am just now reporting this but yesterday i was out of sorts. so today, i am mad.

well, here is the re-cap of our week-end, before it was stolen.

saturday, sweet saturday. we are lovers that's for sure. i love you a lil less than friday but only because friday has the word aloha in it so nothing can trump aloha friday. sawry.

saturday we had plans of prom dress shopping with my biggest little. gasp. sigh. cry.
senior prom! kills me. she was seriously this tiny just minutes ago.

i know, you are looking at this photo thinking, "wow, how sad, she was a preemie who clearly had NO fat on her whatsoever". uhhhh, she really did have a neck, it's ummm, under all the chubs around her face.

biggest little was born almost 3 weeks early (or so they assumed) and weighed almost 9 pounds.
heck yeah! that's how you breed babies people!!
she's getting ready to do some weight lifting in this photo as you can see from her form.
i was pretty shocked at her weight since the dr. said she probably only weighed about 6 pounds and may have under developed lungs as he tried to convince me that i wasn't in labor and should just go home and relax.
doctor please!

well, i wish i could show you her dress but we didn't find it. she actually only tried one dress on. it was pretty but she wants to see lots more before she chooses. yay me!!! did i mention that i am not a fan of dress shopping? oh, well, i am not a fan of dress shopping.
but i did find my new fav bracelet at brandy melville.
then we had some play dates (i don't think you call them play dates after 9 years old but...)
there was pitch perfect, popcorn and a baby bunny involved. now that's a play date people!
the bunny loves to be hand fed popcorn.
not kidding.
then we decided to take a walk. the littlest little takes walks like this.
on roller blades while bouncing a tennis ball.
her lazy mom takes walks like this. a full bag of candy. walking cancels out the candy no?
well, sunday after my all time low of taking a walk while eating a full bag of candy, (i still feel like it wasn't that terrible of an idea) i decided to green juice it.
we had a mini indoor soccer tournament in the afternoon. they had my little play goalie for a bit. whaaat? no thank you, we like all our teeth.
p.s. nobody scored on her.

oh silly you, thought you'd get outta here without seeing a soccer photo of my little?!
ha. no dice! this is our life from now til.......

*the middle little literally spent the entire week-end at school rehearsing for west side story as a jet. just in case you thought maybe i didn't like him and that was why there are no pics of him.

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