Monday, March 25, 2013

instagram BLOG HOP!!

well well, what's up monday? nice to see ya, blah!

for a girl who spent both saturday and sunday on the beach in malibu i reaaaaally don't wanna see your face. like really.

but you're here so i guess i will make the best of it and co-host an instagram hop!!
sounds much better than dealing with monday!

we all love looking through pics right? 
obviously or we wouldn't have our blogs spilling over with our food porn pics, pics of our littles and/or our 4-legged's, mirror selfies in the driver seat of the car with duck lips (you know what i'm talking about) ooh, or my personal fav- the shot that we take from above looking down on our shoes. 
we just do. 
we love taking them and we love looking through them. 

so, ya wanna see mine?
i wanna see yours.
oh, did that sound bad?

here's a small preview of what i have instagramed this past week-end.

*** link up and be sure to FOLLOW your HOST AND  CO-HOST to see more!!

let's do this y'all!