Tuesday, March 5, 2013

week-end crazies got me good

i was so excited about yesterdays incredible giveaway that i didn't show y'all my week-end pics.
ya ever have those week-ends where you need a day off from your day off? i don't usually but i did this last week-end.

i won't write out my schedule here so you can see how crazy it was, but between my 3 littles and their schedules (that are quickly filling up every week-end) i was kinda that "nut ball" mama.

throw into the mix your car losing power on the freeway to the tune of almost 2g's, ya have yourself a nut ball mama type o' week-end.

oh aloha friday started so well....

friday night school dance show with one of my littles

saturday morning coffee with my boy. then we saw this, please son, try not to stare. that's a 2 pc. pant set, and yes, those are garter clips. it's just too early in the morning for me to wrap my head around garter clips....

school project happening on the balcony

we do in-n-out fries at 12am. shhhhh. don't tell. we pretend like they are carrot sticks.

we are getting to know our baby bunnies. that one on the left thumped at us about 4 times. that one on the right might be the sweetest lil bunny man ever.
haircuts happenin'
sunday soccer practice.

i spent more time in my car (well, until the car needed to go to the dr. then i spent more time in my mom's car) than i did with my feet on the ground.
i had a friend tell me, "it seems like it sucks now but you'll remember these week-ends fondly and soon they'll be gone".
the reality of that is true.
the reality also is that they are my week-end no matter what i am doing and i wouldn't change that, i might slow it down a bit, but i wouldn't change it.

hope y'all had a great week-end! here's to you fellow "nut ball" mama's out there-cheers!