Tuesday, March 12, 2013

hey week-end! what's the rush?

why ya gotta take so long to get here then rush out like that?
my week-end. never long enough.

this last week-end we had a soccer tournament in palmdale. palmdale. where is palmdale you say? exactly.

actually it wasn't so bad.
if you like places that have frost on the ground in the morning, winds that hit your face like a pissed off jackie chan, and father time who decided this was the week-end to rip that hour out from under your eyelids.
then, if all those things are cool with you, it's not so bad.

oh, can i complain for a minute?
if you are a parent and your kid is playing on the field, don't yell, "slit her throat", or "break her legs" as they are playing. it's not cute when your 12 year old is playing against the kid of a parent who yells that. i get it, soccer is a contact sport, but it's not prison ball.

so here is how friday started.

 hail. huh?
 but after 1 minute it stopped, and we returned to our regularly scheduled broadcast, i mean forecast.
 we discovered twiggy likes the fireplace. we also discovered twiggy is uh, ahem, a boy. that will have to be dealt with. sorry twigs.

saturday morning we packed up the car and headed up the freeway.
passing green landscapes, desolate dirt fields, snow capped mountains and then we were there.

of course i took lots of photos (until my camera died, oops) but i'm not gonna show you 13 thousand more photos of my kid playing soccer, maybe next week but this week you get a break. sometimes i am thoughtful like that.

after 2 games, oh, did we win? no. but that's not all there is to the game right? right? please (PLEASE) just agree and say right. we decided to head back and let the girls soak their lil tired muscles before heading to dinner.

oh i almost forgot! my little received a sportsmanship award from the referees after the 1st game.
then after the 2nd game she received the sportsmanship award again.
she deserved it. the girl worked so hard.
sometimes recognition of the heart you put into doing your job is worth it all and better than a win. right? please say right again- 9 games, no win, we need a "right", or an "AMEN" might work here too.

after dinner this girl was  ty-ty! she made a pillow fort, cocooned herself in blankets and just like that she was "lights out".

i got a text from home. my son and the neighbor baby, "tiny" were playing.
thems some cute boys!
tiny has all kinds of fun at our house with his "big" friends and boy do we love him!!!

 my biggest little introducing him to the bunnies.

meanwhile back in palmdale.....
sunday morning came early.
we had to be to the field by 7am. that meant up, ready, awake, coffee'd up. we found a starbucks drive-thru and got our fix.
the starbucks dude at the window serenaded us. can't say that happens too often at 6:45 in the morning. my hawaiian wasn't super amused but i'm always down for a lil song -n- dance especially when there is caffeine involved.

on our way. not a gang sign she's throwin'. it's a W for win and for washington huskies-girl is obsessed.

the sun coming up over the fields.

yawn. my hawaiian and my littlest little.

there was frost on the field.
you would think this girl forgot where she came from but there was frost on the field. that means i shouldn't be out yet, but i was.

soon the game was over.

and we went to eat breakfast before hitting the road back home.
blueberry syrup? say what?

our drive home at 11am went something like this.....

that's all she wrote.