Friday, March 15, 2013

sugar, pie, aloha. it's a hop i'll have you know.

yesterday was pi day.
you didn't know? i mean, it's only a super non-important day!

that's okay. i had you covered.
i helped my biggest little make my famous mini lemon pie tarts. by help, i mean i bought it all and supa-vised.

i'm a really great supervisor by the way. you wondered, i know.
i'm great at licking the spoons and letting her know when the oven timer is going off, things of that nature.

because it is always good to balance your sugar with more sugar, i went ahead and made these while on break from my kitchen supervising position.

i'm not posting the recipe because i wouldn't make these again. 
they look all festive but they are fooling us with their colorful party sprinkles. 
whatever cookie!
i have something better anyway, 
it's aloha friday and you will never, NEVER trump aloha friday. not even with sprinkles on top...

|>|>|> since you're here, you should link up below. why not right? you've read my nonsense this far and since you're never gonna get that time back ya might as well make it all worth it.

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