Friday, November 8, 2013

turning into my mother

first, happy aloha friday!! i am sharing some throwback aloha today. this might be a new aloha friday blog series for me so i hope ya like.

sunday i was sitting out in the man cave with the hawaiian watching the last bit of the seahawks scrambling to take the win from the buccaneers.
side talk:
why do the seahawks insist on me biting my nails? it's rude, and nasty.
no one under the age of 10 months should have their fingers in their mouths. ever.
i would be ever so grateful if you would just finish the season off with those pretty, stress-free wins. my nails would thank you and i might even donate a facebook, "today i'm thankful for" status on it.

anyway, i'm all curled up in the man cave (i push my way in regardless about what that "no girls" sign says-i'm not a girl anyway, i'm the damn queen up in this house!), chewing up my nails, half holding my breath, praying that kicker makes that winning field goal and i looked down on the coffee table to see the cutest picture of my man and the sweetest little baby girl.

i had forgotten about this day. 1996.
i believe it was saints fan day where you could come and take pics and get signatures.
she must have sat there for an hour, happily eating her crackers, watching all the fans come up and the camera flashes go off.
eventually lil lou (her nickname from infancy which still stands today) got up to toddle around the field through the legs of the real men in black, who must of seemed like giants at the time.

i started to get all emotional and think about how fast time flies. it really does.
and this is where i sound like my mother.
i remember rolling my eyes at her while growing up as she would sigh and make comments of time having wings.
i started to realize i am saying the same things, sounding like my mom.
it's not a bad thing, but that, combined with even having an 18 year old makes a queen mama feel old and get all misty eyed and well, snotty.
literally, hand me some tissues.

it's true though, time takes flight right before my eyes.
this tiny girl is 18.
still as cute, sometimes still as sweet, depending on if she gets crackers when she wants them. she will read this and i am sure she will roll her eyes at me and make a silent wish that she never gets "so old" that she starts to sound like her mother. sigh.

and i always gotta leave ya with the reminder that it's aloha friday, no work til Monday! so spread the aloha to the person on your right, unless they are weird, then hit up that person on your left.

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