Tuesday, November 19, 2013

hibernation mode

having a hard time getting it going this week. 
feeling like i want to hibernate. 
oh, which by the way we found jeffy, our long lost turtle a few days ago. 
we think he is hibernating, or dying. 
he is barely moving, like realllllly sloooooowwwwllly moving. i know, he is a turtle (and maybe not even a he) but i'm talking major slo-mo here.
here he is.

just standing there, wait, would you say standing or sitting? what would be proper turtle talk since i think technically he has arms and feet and can't really do a whole lot else than what you see here. wow, tiring huh? poor turtles.

anyway, about 7 years ago we released jeffy out in "the wild" of the backyard convincing an 8 year old middle little that jeffy wants to roam and live free. we would see jeffy scooting around here and there, in and out of the bushes, eating his food, and drinking his water for quite some time. he seemed happy, he seemed free. turtles have an amazing show of emotion i'll have you know...

we didn't see jeffy for a very long time until one day our neighbor told us that the strangest thing occurred. you see, a turtle was in her back yard and ate her koi's from her koi pond. i may have muttered something about wild turtles and isn't that interesting and i may have inched my way towards the door never leaving a crime scene so quickly in my life.

we figured jeffy moved on, dug his way out, tired of being fenced in. we hadn't seen jeffy in years! he is an explorer that jeffy. or at least that's what you tell an 8 year old that is clearly on to your "let jeffy explore and roam free" bullshit you are sellin'. 
fast forward. 
that kid, ya know, the smart one that called your jig up? he is 15 now and his turtle has come back from his world-wide expeditions (or at least scaled the perimeter of our yard and evidently our neighbors yard as well) and he is home again. 

jeffy is back in the house, in that kids room. he's huge now.

koi fish must have lots of protein. i mean, not that this would be the same turtle, *cough, cough*, i'm sure there's millions of turtles hangin out, thuggin around, breaking out and massacring ponds and such.

i'm not sure what will become of jeffy now. google isn't being specific enough on what i should do here and siri is seriously no help on this one.

there is a moral.
you see, kids figure it out, turtles come back. but do they sit or stand? 
that is the real question here. 
stay tuned for more jeffy stories, unless he is actually dying and not hibernating, then there will just be 1 more.

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p.s. i promise jeffy will be cared for properly. i'm calling a professional so i know what he needs if he is hibernating-which is actually called brumate. see, i'm already learning peta friends. i will take your advice or expertise though. if you have any please email me and let me know.

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