Tuesday, November 12, 2013


lately i've been crafting.
not sure what it is about this time of year but it casts a craft spell on me and i'm lost in gallons of glitter, mounds of metallic paints, pounds of plaster....

the biggest little had a day off and she asked me if i wanted to....craft! gasp! gulp! get me the defibrillator!!! um, i mean, yea, okay, sure, i guess if i have nothing else goin on...*puff of smoke and squeal of tires on road as i am halfway to jo-anns, then michael's, then the hardware store*...

she did a few really cute projects
her picture wall and gold glitter mason jar vase (she's definitely mine)

i decided that i was gonna try my hand at plaster of paris. i've been a little intimidated by that stuff.
i have no idea why, it was super easy. i did plaster a spoon to death (on accident of course) but it's a small sacrifice for these awesome candle holders!

my inspiration came from this concrete & brass lamp-my favorite lamp in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD (at the moment) which you can find in my online boutique, but i'm too pansy to start mixing toxic cement in my backyard. baby steps ya know.

here she goes...

making my molds...

breaking open the molds and taping them off.
i am in love with the 64 fl. oz. imprint from the water jug.

is there anything that a lil metallic gold can't beautify! that's not even a question.

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