Wednesday, May 21, 2014

simple organic beauty-the book and my photo sesh!

late last summer i had the pleasure and privilege of a private photo session with photographer, stylist, entrepreneur and author, christine rose elle.
it was so much more fun than i had ever imagined.

i am generally a girl who does not like doing things like this. ever. often in my work i will have to take part in having new photographs taken for our website or for press and i've started to really dislike the whole process.
being photographed has always felt like a chore, like i have to not get pb&j on my face and keep my hair combed nice until pictures are over.
i never really truly feel relaxed and natural and i think we all pick apart our photos and see every small flaw in ourselves. i'm really good at that.

i have to be honest that i really wasn't looking forward to this photo session the way i should have (now that i know how lucky i was) but i absolutely love christine and thought that if anything, i would certainly have a fun day chatting with a really beautiful person.
well, i did have a fun day chatting with a really beautiful person and christine made this absolutely pain free and beyond!
she did my hair, she did my make-up, she let me play in all her clothes- i mean, girls got wardrobe!!!

i'll have to share more of the wardrobe in photos with you at a later date, there is this beaded blue dress that i wanted to wear every day for the better part of the rest of my life. all of the photos she took are truly magnificent.

christine is beyond talented. she is so multi faceted and her personal stories are captivating.
can you imagine selling everything and moving to another country as a young adult? alone? nope, not me.

it was shocking how quickly the time went and how much fun it really was. yes, i totally had fun!!

i didn't think christine would get very natural photos of me because i am not the best model but she actually did. well duh! she is a professional!

as a matter of fact, this photo here ended up being on her book cover. yep, girls also got a book.

i cannot tell you how relaxed i was in this photo.
yes, i was laying on a huge fluffy cloud of an ottoman with my legs kicked up but how natural would you feel laying like this while getting your pic taken?
probably not very.
but i really was.
christine can do that to ya. she is calm and so easy going and really makes you feel at ease.

if you have never done something fun like this for yourself i highly recommend connecting with christine. her sparkly personality and positive outlook is something we should all experience.

check out her book here: simple organic beauty
you can buy a copy on amazon or go kindle like i did.

i was honored to have my legs on the book cover. who knows if i even shaved that day, if you know me, you know i probably did not.
this book is so visually alluring and the beauty recipes are so good! so good!
i'm currently making my list of ingredients because this girl has GOT to try that mojito sugar scrub and you are lying if you say you don't want to take a bath with her pink champagne bombs. come on.

the photos, all taken by christine, are of beautiful women, all versatile and unique. browse her book and her website and even think about a photo session. you will not be disappointed. now that i have gushed over her and how beautiful my pics have turned out i will go.
but im not kidding, you should check her out, she's kinda a big deal in my world!

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