Wednesday, April 10, 2013

whaaaa?? it's wednesday?

man i have really been chasin' the days lately.
it's wednesday!! did you know that? i didn't until like 5 minutes ago. i thought it was tuesday.

don't get me wrong, it's freakin fantastic that it's actually a day closer to friday coz that never happens to me. usually i am clawing my way to friday, that blessed finish line.

i swear, if the rest of this week goes in slo-mo now i am gonna be pee-yissed!!

so, because i am all kinds of unprepared i will present an outfit that i wore a few weeks ago that i forgot to post. am i painting the picture of a flighty girl here?? i'm really not. not always.

well, the really good news (mainly this is your good news) i am wearing clothes today- even if they aren't these exact specific ones.

 be glad i cropped my face. i looked ca-ray-zay in this pic! i just spared your entire day.
there is a story here with these shoes.
another day-i promise. try not to fall off the edge of your seat waiting.
clearly i am ashamed for not being as prepared as i should be today. don't stare at my roots.
dang it, you stared didn't you?
 waves and beads. (i dunno. you come up with a better caption. it was tough.)
 sorry so dark. if i had more time i would edit better for you- i really would.
 this is also the day that i held my first malachite egg baby. heavy.
i'm diggin that this photo looks like the beginning of a slight pimp lean....
and on that note.....i should go.
have a great day!!!

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