Wednesday, March 13, 2013

skirting the issue

i bought this dress over a year ago. you can see it still has it's tag. it was one of those things i bought because i love stripes. it's really cute on but the top half of the dress is really short.
basically is what i am saying is, if i raised my hands too high above my head, to say maybe do a jumping jack, i would be having a serious wardrobe malfunction.
super bowl style.
sorry janet.

so i decided to cut it up. oh you know how i do lately. 

i thought about pulling a julia roberts in pretty woman and just stopping here. anyone? anyone? just kidding, i would never., i wouldn't.

it already had a waistband so it was a quick zip on the sewing machine to sew the edge over and voila! 
(hey, anyone else ever read that as v-oh-la at first??-i always do. just being real) my new skirt!

i like it so much better and all my lady town parts stay covered. 

linking up of course!

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