Wednesday, February 13, 2013

what to wear and a lil fat tuesday

today i couldn't decide.
pattern mix with my scarf or go with layering my jewelry?
it's a real dilemma ya know.

with the scarf?
with jewelry?

i went with the scarf.
mainly because after i took this pic i didn't wanna take it off. (psssht! how lazy is that girl in the picture?)
but ya know, leopard and i are real tight so it works for me....

know what time it is was?
mardi gras time!!!!

we got our annual king cake just in time last night!!

parades have been goin' on in new orleans since january 19th. many of the parades were put on hold during the super bowl but actual mardi gras (and the final parade) happened last night!
well, i got home and opened my king cake and something happened that has never happened before. 
we had twins!!!

twins! oh, i'm sure it was a mistake but somehow we all felt like it was some sort of divine intervention (whatever that means) and we were all gonna be really really lucky this year!

see! 2 babies! ohhhhh yeaaaaa!
after hiding the babies in the cake we all had our slice and guess who got one of the baby?

the littlest little. 
every year it is either the middle little or my dad that gets the baby. i remember when we use to try not to get the baby, now they always want the baby to save. i guess they are smart kids coz i'm the one that would have to buy the next king cake either way. (shrug)
see, if you get the baby you buy the next years king cake. 
some say it also signifies good luck over the next year.  
she was so excited to get the baby- it's the little things.
oh and guess what? it's gonna be the little things tomorrow night too coz we gots twins up in here!!! 1 more baby to go!

i just love mardi gras time! oh i so wish i was there to have seen the parade, it was definitely a highlight when we lived in new orleans.
happy hump day y'all!!

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