Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the girl and the skirt

i'm a lover of stripes, black and white, and most things girly.
oh, that girly part, well, i'm always working on that.

when i saw this twiggy umbrella skirt on tailor and stylist i 
had a full on swoon moment.
i can wait while you have yours too....
okay, got control of yourself yet?

when it arrived at my house it was held up to the heavens and pranced around the house to show everyone my new cutest thread treasure!
 think lion king.
baby simba, the monkey, the whole holding him up for all to view, gasp and marvel upon.

you could wear this twiggy skirt so many different 
ways, i tried out a few and loved both looks
 i added a red belt so i could wear my converse
(you know how girl feels about her cons)

and then i worked on that whole girly thing...

 this last look would be perfect with my sock bun, 
which is how i think i will wear it next.

i love the look that tailor and stylist owns so well.
it has such an air of elegant damsel with a side of edgy sophistication. oh, and they are l.a. based! holla at my people!

because i decided that i really like you all so so much,
 there is a special coupon code for my readers
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there are so many sweet dresses and accessories and oh please tell me if you get the bootie saddle shoe (it is a fav of mine) or the boyfriend sweater, or the emerald pencil skirt or the audrey dress or.....
sigh, it's all good, go get your swoon on!

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