Tuesday, February 26, 2013

slow glowing dream

im such a sweatshirt girl.

i love to get dressed up and all and i truly am working on that girly thing but really what i wanna do is be in comfy clothes. preferably yoga pants (shhh, they don't know that they have an actual purpose) and a sweatshirt.

i have also been way into scissors and thinking that i am somewhat of a clothing designer. you may remember when i was jersey threadin'? ohhh sounds kinda similar to the jersey turnpike, ya know, the dance. but not. not at all. 

anyway, instead of throwing out a few sweatshirts that shrunk and changed shape somehow (no, it's not me that changed shape, it's the sweatshirts, i swear) i have decided to freshen them up a bit.

not that this is in any way amazing, coz c'mon, its a few cuts but here is one of my old comfy fav's.

the break up was sad. i pushed him away, threw him to the back of my closet but this day, this day i gave him a lil wash, a lil cut and we are back baby!!!

i am loving my blue hex nut bracelet that i made awhile back

isn't it weird how thin stripes do that thing to your eye 
and get all cray-zay?!

not like i needed to show you pics of cutting off the bands but ya know, its all about the visuals people! 

just imagine flashdance music playing in the background. makes ya wanna dump a bucket of water on your body right? kinda? huh? no? 
yeah, me neither...

*if you're a product of the 70's or 80's then you get the title, if you're not then i have just aged myself tremendously

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